Until everything is awesome.

This next part is going to be awful, but in the best possible way. Using the tools of today, we start moving forward in business and home life, while science and law catch up.

Using technology as you create communities, publish, stream, collaborate, exchange, communicate, and basically everything in early cyberspace, is tedious and unnatural still, compared to what it ought to be. And it will be until we begin again with that.

But to be able to do what we need to do, until we properly design the right technology for our consciousness itself, these tools are a lot better than going back to just printing presses, and circulating pamphlets and books, or relying on radio, television, telegrams, and mails.

We need to keep in mind we are not making ourselves at home, and we might never have that feeling fully. All this is bad in comparison to what we will consciously make. But we use options in front of us well, until everything is awesome, to build that awesome world.