Trivial Crisis

After declaring Root Causes, now we circle back to defend them.

Why not stand against these ones:

  • Poverty
  • Violence
  • Disease
  • Injustice

Because these are all symptoms. And they splinter off into infinite varieties.

Injustice alone is home to Sexism, Racism, Ageism, Creedism, etc. Injustice also owns Tyranny, which then itself causes the prior three on its own.

Each of those Trivial Crisis is layers of lifetimes lost in attention, whether by experiencing these, or working on them, or thinking about them at all. Especially having second-hand emotions, like second-hand smoke. They say that creeps into rooms under doors, and wafts in through vents. Any leak through of pain, rather than a new moment.

Staying on the root targets, we have to dismiss a lot that is egregious. Poverty is a result. Violence is a result. Those had to be kindled into place. Disease is not a native state. That was deteriorated into. And as we said, Injustice is a melting pot of crisis unto itself.

Attention Assault is the one true root cause. Our consciousness is full of cross-current intentions, within ourselves and within us collectively alike. We need to Press Esc on all this, every moment, just to be present or productive at all, in our mind.

The meandering foam of intentions and thoughts and the associated brands and banners, battle for supremacy, all grappling for moments of attention. These civil wars are revealed as the true conflict, and recycle in infinite forms until addressed. They bubble up into Torture and Devastation. Especially self torture, and self devastation, but most obviously collective forms. All that internal conflict becomes these external Trivial Crisis.

It comes back to the real question, and to avoid the real root cause, I cannot push this. If you genuinely want to hear, the problem is how we respond to this question: What now?