Not just what we can sell.

The necessity of certain collectives within humanity is manifest, but typically not elected or appointed. The certainty arises from circumstance in part, but also the nature of those present itself, held in common. Otherwise models, structures, and plans disintegrate.

There are elements within humanity that exist on their own, without cause or effect, which we cannot discern linearly: like from heredity, or political processes, and religious liturgy. These are as seemingly random as appearing to the same camp fire, as if by chance.

Being able to identify and cultivate that kind of assembly, one whose association is destiny in any legitimate sense, is the sole value of ordinary life. It is not about mind games, or helping people find their way, but making the fire just right before the party gets here.

Being this essential core of the group, but sharing that role individual to individual, is rare, and yet also the only thing that ever mattered in humanity collectively.