First ^01E, then EOL.

This will be at least my 5th major instance of designing and creating ^01E. It has gone through many seasons, and eras of system design philosophy. Each approach took numerous solar years, so all-told it has been more than a quorum of this life.

This time, I want to build it focused exclusively on the mission of twenty forty. Honestly, this is the best way I can possibly come up with to help along EOL.

This final time, it will be done incrementally, rather than by waterfall.

And it will be born from content and actual interactions carried out in predecessors for sustained periods of time, not from presumption of usage patterns, or short test cases.

That last part proved difficult at first. I have not posted anything meaningful on the "internet" in a very long time because of it. Also because "social media" and other habit-oriented systems took the time, energy, and attention previously concentrated elsewhere. But once saved from the smoldering ashes of the "internet" the answers were clear.


The most important things to do, and keep in mind right now are:

  1. Write the content needed without fussing much with tools, or perfection.
  2. Prioritize tags and slugs; think "in the next system" while still using this.
  3. Create an incremental path to replace the front-end and go headless CMS.
  4. Be able to move all the content away, but by choice when that day comes.
  5. With that decided, knowing nothing is going to be okay, communicate well.

Ghost will do, as shells for my Hermit Crab approach.

Just a basic CMS geared toward publishing, not "making websites" per se. It's not a "web builder" but just a self-publishing platform. Down the line we might add one underlying Discourse instance alongside all the different Ghost instances used leading up to ^01E.

There is going to be a pull toward adding things, especially purchasing systems, but with the explicit goal of moving away from Trade and Barter altogether, that is a big waste now. In the vast majority of cases, we will integrate rather than instantiate.